Rather than running the instance constantly, the new scheduling tools on FME Cloud allow you to schedule instances to run for a defined period of time. Yes we want to help you save money! Just to recap, FME Cloud is the hosted version of FME Server and it allows you to access the power of FME Server without all of the infrastructure hassle. The pricing is also incredibly flexible allowing you to pay for only what you use.

Schedule Interface

Scheduling an instance to come online weekly

The scheduling interface allows you to define daily or weekly schedules. So for example, you can now easily schedule the following:-

Because of the fault tolerance and error handling we have built into the process, you can trust that your instance will come online for the period of time you have defined. If it doesn’t you will receive a notification.

So there are now two ways to keep costs down on FME Cloud. If you plan to run your instance constantly, you can purchase an annual subscription which lowers costs by up to 40%. Or you can use the on-demand pricing and schedule the instance to come online for specific periods of time. You can access the schedule functionality through the dashboard or API.

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One response to “Instance scheduling added to FME Cloud”

  1. FME Cloud is pretty impressive as a data integration platform, with the flexibility of cloud. It can handle complex enterprise integrations, and is very user friendly. The cost implications are also favorable. As you have mentioned, the pricing is straightforward. My team is technically very sound, and we opted for a flexible, pay-for-what-you-use plan. However, many teams find it simpler to opt for the annual plan, which already has significant cost savings.

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