The FME Server 2015.0 release has a whole new look. We’re particularly excited about the improved user experience, which makes it easier than ever to configure, manage, and navigate FME Server.

Below is a technical summary of all the new and updated functionality in FME Server 2015.  See a general overview of what’s new at, and watch the webinar recording to take a closer look. Details on what’s new in FME Desktop can be found here.

Download the release and see the detailed “What’s New” documentation at

New Functionality

Access new management and security functionality under the Administration menu.

Access new management and security functionality under the Administration menu.

Web Interface

We implemented a whole new look and feel to the FME Server web interface. It’s been designed for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile viewing, with buttons and resources on the homepage that make it easier than ever for you to get started.

FME Server 2015 new web interface

FME Server 2015 new protocols

New Amazon S3 Watch and Email (IMAP) protocols were added in FME Server 2015.0


New Publishers/Subscribers

Directory Watch Updates

Other Updates


Data Streaming

Data Download


Other Updates

FME Cloud

In addition to the above upgrades, FME Cloud underwent an application and security audit with a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). FME Cloud security is outlined in detail in this whitepaper. Other updates specific to FME Cloud include the following.

About FME Fme 2015 FME Cloud FME Server Security

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