The FME International User Conference 2014 took the party to Science World last night for dinner and cocktails. Having the entire Science World building to yourself is just as fun as it sounds.

Google Keynote

Adam Evans of Google Canada opened by emphasizing the importance of location.

“51% of companies use web-based mapping services in their business,” he said. He went on to show a few powerful use cases for Google Maps Engine.

He explained how data management in Google Maps Engine is their big problem.

“We’re looking for ways to be interoperable,” he said. “Working with FME is a massive game-changer.”

He showed a simple FME Workspace that simplifies an otherwise complicated transformation in Google Maps Engine. FME allows Google Maps Engine to connect with hundreds of data formats.

Of course, when talking about Google, we’re talking about massive amounts of data. “We collect more data in a week now than we had in our entire archive in 2009.” Google’s partnership with Safe Software is exciting for the future of data interoperability in Google Maps Engine.

FME 2015 and Beyond

Dale and Don showed some exciting prototype FME functionality. “You’re going to help choose the future of FME today,” said Dale. Attendees voted for their favourite features in the FME UC mobile app.

Functionality included Sharepoint reading, IFC writing, Minecraft writing, Web Services, Web Filesystems, Frankenbench (a Workbench/Data Inspector hybrid application), and a few workbench-specific and reader/writer-specific improvements.

Usability changes to the FME Workbench interface earned enthusiastic applause:

“It always amazes me that the smallest things get a clap,” joked Don.

FME Server is getting a few great improvements for 2015, including a major visual overhaul to the web interface.

Finally, Don and Dale promised better scalability, reliability, and performance than ever for FME Cloud.

The winning features were determined at the end of the day in a poll:



Look out for the FME Workbench “history tree” in FME 2015!

Breakout Sessions

30 users presented today in the breakout sessions. Like yesterday, be sure to browse through the #fmeuc Twitter hashtag and/or @FMEUC account for recaps and quotes from all the sessions.

Wrap-up, FME World Cup of Data awards, and a Surprise Party

The conference wrapped up with the final match of the FME World Cup of Data, which included a talk from Safer De Wet, who built the FME Cloud-hosted contest website. He explained how FME was used to run the contest and the “matches”, which were FME Workspaces. The prize for the best team name went to The Rasterfarians. Jorge Vidinha (Team GisLX) won the grand prize for the UC pool for his perfect picks. Congratulations!

We closed with a Surprise Safe Software Birthday Party and Thank You video, where staff and attendees took the opportunity for a video message to congratulate Don and Dale on 20 years of Safe Software and thank them for everything they’ve done.

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