With the release of FME 2011 just a few days old, I wanted to share five of the most exciting ways that FME 2011 enables the league of spatial superheroes to battle the forces of XML more effectively than ever before.

Why more XML improvements? Well, we constantly hear about people struggling to deal with unruly XML. XML can be complicated, and many feel that they need a PhD in order to understand it. Yet, XML is a reality that can’t be ignored – like it or not. XML (and its Geographic relative GML) are here to stay and used for many initiatives in different industries (INSPIRE, AIXM, CIM, etc.). Recognizing the many challenges that the world of XML poses, we spent great effort working to develop new tools to help in the fight against even the most complex of XML documents.

So, in the spirit of Dale’s FME 2011 By the Numbers, here are the top 5 ways that we have equipped the league of spatial superheroes to battle the force of XML in FME 2011!

Together these FME 2011 updates go a long way in the battle against the complex forces of XML.

What are your biggest challenges when dealing with XML? Are you winning in your battle with XML? What type of XML documents are you working with? If so, does FME 2011 support it directly? I would be greatly interested in opening a discussion with users and organizations about the XML documents that are being used and how we can help you in your battle with XML.


Thanks to FME 2011, the XML-Men have decided to join the league of spatial superheroes.

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Don Murray

Don is the co-founder and President of Safe Software. Safe Software was founded originally doing work for the BC Government on a project sharing spatial data with the forestry industry. During that project Don and other co-founder, Dale Lutz, realized the need for a data integration platform like FME. When Don’s not raving about how much he loves XML, you can find Don working with the team at Safe to take the FME product to the next level. You will also find him on the road talking with customers and partners to learn more about what new FME features they’d like to see.


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