As of today, FME 2010 is available!

It is with great excitement that we have completed FME 2010, a release that saw nearly 1,000 of its new features come as a direct result of customer feedback. Post-release, we will now see how well we have met the needs of the FME community. How well we have done in giving users the functionality that they want? Where have we not quite hit the target? Time will tell as we continue to work closely with our community and hear what they have to say in this new year.

With each release of FME we strive to not only meet the needs of the FME community but to also surpass the previous release in four key ways.

With FME 2010 out the door there is no better time than now to thank the dedicated team at Safe that I get to be a part of. I also want to thank the FME community for sharing their visions, ideas, and time working with us to not only identify what we should be doing next but working closely with us to make it happen and giving us the feedback that we need to make all aspects of FME better. At the end of the day what makes releasing a new version of FME so exciting is the tremendous teamwork by so many people.

Please keep the comments coming as we need help from everyone in the community to make the next release of FME even better and even more useful.

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Don Murray

Don is the co-founder and President of Safe Software. Safe Software was founded originally doing work for the BC Government on a project sharing spatial data with the forestry industry. During that project Don and other co-founder, Dale Lutz, realized the need for a data integration platform like FME. When Don’s not raving about how much he loves XML, you can find Don working with the team at Safe to take the FME product to the next level. You will also find him on the road talking with customers and partners to learn more about what new FME features they’d like to see.


3 Responses to “Reflections on the Release of FME 2010”

  1. Jeff Konnen says:

    Thanks Don! FME is great and with each release there are a lot of new things that seem small in the beginning and after having begun to use them you can’t do without anymore.

    The new Quick Insert is such an addictive new function, just as were the feature count and the pink dot some years ago.

    Thanks for listening to the community, that’s what makes SAFE so great to work with.

  2. Don says:

    Jeff, I remember how excited we all were about the “pink” dot (the precise color still generates discussion) and how much it changed Workbench for the better. The Quick Insert now makes the “pink” dot seem like a distant memory.

    Please keep sending us your ideas and thoughts. Your latest discussion on what you are doing with FME Server has definitely got us thinking about things to add for FME 2011 to make your scenario better. More and more we are looking at full end-to-end scenarios to ensure that things work together. Anyone with full workflows to share?

    The moment we stop listening to our users is the beginning of our demise. As part of this Dale and I are doing more user meetings in 2010 than ever before in order to get out and talk to users, share what we are doing, and more importantly to learn what they are doing.

  3. Gabriel Hirsch says:

    Finally FME 2010! I’ve been working with the FME 2010 Beta-releases since september and tried alot of the new functions and transformers in FME 2010 and I just want to say one thing: “WOW!”

    Still we have some FME Server 2009 installations that we have to supervise so we still need to have FME 2009 installed. But when changing from FME 2010 back to 2009 it all of a sudden seems impossible to work in FME 2009. The Quick Insert is just one thing you nowadays can’t live without. And such a handy transformer as the TestFllter, I can’t understand how I could work without it before!

    I’m also glad that you have really listened to the users which make all time of Beta testing well worth.

    I wonder if I would dare to install FME 2011 Beta when it arrives, perhaps that one would have more functions and be even better than FME 2010 and I will live in the Beta twilight zone half of this year as well.

    Thank’s for a wonderful release! Now, back to work

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