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This issue has the best FME Server demo I’ve seen(!), some exciting news for users of the scripting tools Python and Tcl within FME, plus an important notice for users of FME on Linux who have a fixed (node-locked) license.



1) FME Server Demo: Handling Real-Time Location Data
2) Python 2.5: Now included with FME2009 (and more!)
3) FME2008: New screen saver
4) TCL: Updated to v8.5.2
5) Linux FME Fixed Licensing: Important Notice
6) Quick Info

FME Server Demo: Handling Real-Time Location Data
The great thing about FME Server (from an evangelist point of view) is that users can run demos directly from our in-house Server installation, and need to download or install very little else.

With that thought in mind, I’d suggest browsing on over to this fmepedia article, which describes and links to a demo that everyone at Safe is all fired up about: handling real-time location data.

The scenario is one of vehicle (taxi) locations being provided by a continuously updated GPS reading. In actual fact we’re fabricating the data with a Python script to ensure an uninterrupted supply, but a real data source would be little different. A workspace is created to read the data, process it and write it to KML. That workspace is uploaded to an FME Server and registered as a KML Network Link service.

And that’s it! Click the workspace URL and it opens up the KML data in Google Earth. Set the network link refresh rate to 2 seconds and you effectively get a real-time visualization of the data as it is updated.

OK. Maybe you’ve seen similar before, but two things to remember:

Hope you find this example interesting, and maybe a little inspiring. If you know of a real-life feed of GPS data then why not let us know so we can try it out?

Python 2.5: Now included with FME2009

Effective build 5573, FME2009 now includes a Python interpreter and a subset of the standard Python library. This means that users will no longer have to install Python separately in order to use the PythonCaller transformer or Startup/Shutdown Python scripts.

The FME Python



As of build 5573 there are also changes in how macros are handled using Python.

TCL: Updated to v8.5.2
The Tcl interpreter in FME2009 has been updated to version 8.5.2. There is a list of highlights on the Tcl official web site ( but in particular we were impressed by:

FME2008: New Screen Saver

Resident graphic designer Jara has just completed a screensaver with an FME2008 theme.

Do you believe a lizard can fly?

Download it from the fun stuff downloads page on fmepedia to find out what our wacky lizard is up to this time!

Linux FME Fixed Licensing: Important Notice
For reasons of reliability and security, the method of generating Registration Keys for Linux versions of FME has been changed for FME2009. This means that as of build 5574 of FME2009, any machine running a Linux version of FME with a fixed license will require a new license.

For more information see the bulletin on fmepedia.

Quick Info

This Edition of the FME Evangelist…
…was written to the tune of “The Man In Me” by Bob Dylan.

This song is played in the intro of one of my favourite movies. Kudos if you know which one.

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