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September & October Upcoming Events

Safe Software is a global presence at trade shows and conferences, journeying to corners far and wide. Our passion? Engaging in conversations about FME, data integration, and cutting-edge enterprise solutions spanning a multitude of industries. Wherever there’s a dialogue on data, we’re there, excited to share, learn, and innovate.


Check out some of the events we’ll be at this Fall:


Sept 5-7:


  • Peak of Data Integration 2023
    • For the first time, Safe Software is bringing the Peak of Data Integration to Europe! Co-hosted with con terra, we invite you to join us from September 5-7 in Bonn, Germany, for the largest gathering of FME users yet. Dive deep into data discussions, connect with fellow data enthusiasts and experts, and receive hands-on training from leading FME experts. 


Sept 20-21: 

  • Big Data London
    • The UK’s leading free to attend data, analytics & AI conference and exhibition, hosting leading data, analytics & AI experts, ready to arm you with the tools to deliver your most effective data-driven strategy. 

*Safe Software is a Silver Sponsor, Brian Pont will be giving a 30 minute seminar titled: “Spatial Data: The Missing Piece in the Modern Data Stack”, and the Safe Software team can be found at Booth #845


  • ESRI GIS Netherlands
    • The Esri GIS Conference is the largest annual GIS event in the Netherlands. In 2023 the Esri GIS Conference will be held in Rotterdam

*Safe Software is an exhibitor at this event and can be found at Booth #1


Sept 26: 

  • The AI Conference 
    • Join a thriving, tech-driven AI community for two days of captivating talks, interactive workshops, and dynamic networking opportunities.

* Safe Software will have delegates attending this event


Oct 10:

  • Esri Infrastructure (IMGIS)
    • Join professionals specializing in infrastructure management from several interconnected industries–architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC); electric; gas; telecommunications; and water.

* Safe Software is an exhibiting sponsor and can be found at Booth #531 


Oct 18:

  • Big Data & AI Toronto
    • For its 9th edition, the Canadian #1 Tech Event will bring together the entire Big Data & AI industry in North America for a deep dive into what comes next!

*Safe Software is an exhibitor at this event can be found at Booth #A18


Oct 24:

  • AES
    • The Augmented Enterprise Summit is the largest, longest-running, and most comprehensive event dedicated to the business and industrial applications of AR/VR/MR (XR) and other metaverse-related emerging technologies.

*Safe Software is an exhibitor at this event and can be found at Booth #13


We also have several international events hosted by our partners – check out which Partner Events are taking place near you!

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