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This new marketplace provides components that plug into FME to offer even more possibilities for using and sharing spatial data. Supplied both by Safe Software and 3rd party partners either for free or licensed, these components help you gain efficiency, additional functionality, and a head start on your spatial data transformation workflows.

Offerings currently include Custom Transformers, workspace templates, and Custom Formats. These components can easily be accessed directly within FME Workbench.

Components available at this time include the following:

1Spatial's UKPostcodeValidator

The postcode is a vital part of an address in the United Kingdom (UK) and for businesses and organizations, in a GIS context, acts as a spatial reference for the location of customers, citizens and fixed assets. Unfortunately errors in the format of a postcode can render it useless in a GIS application. 1Spatial's UKPostcodeValidator transformer checks UK postcode strings against the BS7666 syntax rules for conformity. When a postcode fails validation, the transformer gives an indication of why the failure occurred so the issue can be resolved. For those utilizing UK postcodes as intelligence, use of the UKPostcodeValidator in FME provides them with confidence in the validity of data for use in subsequent GIS analysis. This transformer is available free of charge through the FME Store after obtaining a required license from 1Spatial. To inquire about receiving a license to download the UKPostcodeValidator, email

DMTI's Location Hub® for FME

Location Hub® for FME allows users to leverage DMTI's Location Hub Address Recognition and Address Geocoding web services to correct and standardize Canadian address data and assign geographic coordinates at the most accurate level available. The plug-in works directly within FME, accepting an address file, and processing it using Location Hub. Location Hub for FME cleans, validates and provides additional information about each record such as dwelling type and accuracy of the initial data submitted. Organizations can use this enhanced information to make informed decisions related to risk, fraud, compliance and infrastructure placement.

PenBay InVision ToolkitSM

InVision ToolkitSMoffers data conversion from a variety of sources, including CAD files, into a single GIS database quickly and easily. Built on top of Safe Software's FME template, InVision ToolkitSM: CAD <-> GIS harvests data from US National CAD Standard drawings and outputs them to Esri's ArcGIS for Facilities information model. Features of InVision ToolkitSM include automated conversion of data, along with error checking, to identify deficiencies in the source drawings and correct them. It supports both BISDM 3.0 and local government data models under the same license.
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SeaZone VorfTransformer

An important element of any marine project will be the associated bathymetry. Bathymetry datasets will be referenced to different vertical datums. The specific vertical datum used may depend on the collection method or intended purpose. Using different datasets together can therefore be difficult. To overcome this, a transformation process is necessary to reference all the data to a common vertical datum. Identifying this requirement, SeaZone has recently introduced their VorfTransformer. The SeaZone VorfTransformer for FME Desktop is a plug-in for FME Workbench. Current and legacy bathymetry data can now be processed using the power and flexibility of FME and the VORF vertical datum transformation can be deployed in an FME Workbench process. The SeaZone VorfTransformer is offered as a product that you can implement in your own FME Workbench processes.

VORF is the Vertical Offshore Reference Frame. It provides a set of surfaces defining the separation between marine vertical datums and an ellipsoid. VORF transformation surfaces cover the continental shelf of the UK and Ireland. The project to develop VORF was commissioned by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO). SeaZone was not involved in the development of VORF but we have used the transformation surfaces produced during the project in the VorfTransformer.

SeaZone's implementation of VORF is not endorsed by the UKHO.

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