Web Service Integration

Web Service Integration

Connect to practically any web service and integrate its capabilities and data with other on-premises and cloud-based applications.
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Integrate Web Services with Other Data and Applications

Exploiting the unique capabilities of a web service with other data and applications comes with challenges such as connecting to its API (Application Program Interface) and consuming and/or producing JSON. FME’s data conversion and integration platform gives you the tools to tackle these challenges and easily connect to web services without any coding.

Why Choose FME for Web Service Integration?

FME has enhanced tools and capabilities that take the hassle out of connecting to web services and integrating their capabilities and data into your various workflows.

Built-in Support for Many Popular Web Services

Out-of-the-box, FME comes with support for several commonly used web-based applications including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, MongoDB, Salesforce, Twitter, Dropbox and more.

Tools that Connect to APIs

For web services not supported natively, FME’s customizable transformers allow you to define connections to any web service with an API including FourSquare, GitHub, LinkedIn, Twilio and Trello.

JSON Creation & Parsing Capabilities

Once a connection to a web service has been established, FME can parse JSON and convert it to 345+ formats. FME can also be used to create JSON from any data for use with web services.

Plus Advanced Data Manipulation and Analysis

Do more than connect to web services and move data around. FME has a library of tools that allow you to restructure data, blend it with other data sources, as well as apply business logic to analyze it and execute different tasks based on results.

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Automate Web Service Connections

Many web services are constantly in motion gathering more data. FME is great at bulk migration, but it is also capable of automatically executing tasks on an ongoing basis. With its FME Server and FME Cloud deployment options users can configure FME workflows to run at scheduled intervals or in real-time in response to events.

How to Move Data in the Cloud with APIs

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Getting Started with FME and the Web

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