FME and Petroleum Data Management

Few industries have the depth and complexity of information that petroleum producers do - or the dollar value of the decisions made based on that information. Whether you are mapping it or managing it, your data - both spatial and non-spatial - is a key asset and part of your success. And for many data managers and GIS groups in the petroleum industry, FME is key to managing that data.

FME® makes quick work of designing your data flow in and out of your central data store, applying granular QA and transformation according to your rules, giving you ultimate flexibility in managing and delivering your data. Its logic-based intuitive visual authoring can help you -

  • Automate data flows in and out of master data stores
  • Ingest and deliver data to end users in a multitude of GIS, CAD, database, web, and non-spatial formats
  • Implement industry standards from PPDM to PODS, with easily adaptable ETL workflows
  • Exchange information via emerging XML standards

Embracing the best practices of MDM would be near impossible without ETL technology to assist in getting data in and out. With FME, the same easy to use tool can cover both your spatial and non-spatial transformation tasks for more efficient and cost-effective data management.

"In our practice implementing PPDM and Master Data Stores for producers of all sizes, FME has quickly become our tool of choice for developing custom E&P data transformations. It handily deals with spatial and non-spatial ETL in one place - and that reduces time, costs, and complexity".

- Steve Cooper, President, Energy IQ