Solve Research/Education Data Interoperability Challenges with FME

With the proliferation of data formats and types, it's becoming increasingly important for researchers and students to make sense of and overcome spatial data headaches.

FME facilitates the exchange of data across format boundaries, streamlines workflows, and helps to extract more value from your already valuable datasets. By working in conjunction with industry-leading geospatial applications and supporting industry standards, FME enables the sharing of information across platforms, disciplines, and departments.

Only FME gives you unlimited flexibility to restructure, reformat, and integrate more than 325 different spatial and non-spatial data formats. With FME, it's easier to solve more of your data interoperability headaches, so you can work on your terms - with the formats, applications, and environments you want to use.

Plus, as an educational institution or researcher, you may be eligible to receive FME Desktop free by being approved for the FME Grant Program. Find out more.

Without FME, such a project would have required such intensive manual labor that it wouldn't have been practical to create.

- Niels la Cour, UMASS Amherst