PostGIS Database: Read and Write Data to PostGIS

If PostGIS is your spatial database of choice, FME can streamline your workflows, reading and writing to and from PostGIS and a wide range of GIS, CAD, database, and other formats. At the same time, powerful transformation tools enable you to manipulate both the geometry and attribution of your data on the fly.

For high-demand data loading or distribution, look to FME Server for job automation, scheduling, and highly flexible data distribution options, including web services.

By simply using FME in conjunction with PostGIS, you gain:

  • Instant, seamless access to data in both native and non-native GIS, CAD, database, spatial, and non-spatial formats
  • The ability to transform - restructure, reformat, and reproject - data on the fly
  • An intuitive graphical interface for complete control over your transformation tasks
  • Flexible and reusable workflow automation

Achieve total spatial data mastery with FME and PostGIS.