Maximize the Value of Sensor Data

Sensor networks are becoming a more common means to making smarter business decisions. However, many organizations find it challenging to leverage this important information in a timely, coordinated way.

FME Server makes it simple to set up automated tasks in immediate response to incoming sensor data. Whether you need to integrate this information with your GIS, inform people or systems of changes, or take action based on specific incoming data criteria, FME Server can help.

Using FME Server, you can easily set up rules for the response you desire to automatically take place upon new data becoming available from sensors - either online or through a network. Immediately perform data integration, transformation, and even dissemination of this critical information via email, SMS text message, Twitter™, web applications, and more.

With FME Server, you can be sure that incoming sensor data is immediately handled in the way you desire, so you can take advantage of this real-time information for making critical business decisions.