Maximize the Value of Your Raster Data

Your raster data has been carefully collected and edited to make it ready for use. But the people who need to use it work in a variety of systems, and each have specific requirements that need to be met before they can leverage your raster data for their own use.

FME provides a fast, efficient way to get your raster data into whatever form is required by users both inside and outside your organization.

With FME's graphical user interface, you can create automated workflows that efficiently:

  • Convert your raster data into the required format and coordinate system
  • Restructure your data into the required form by clipping, mosaicking, tiling, offsetting, scaling and more
  • Process large raster data volumes quickly
  • Prepare for raster data delivery through a web map tile cache or by offering self-serve data access over the web

Use FME to save time in preparing and sharing your raster data.