Connect MapInfo with 325+ Formats and Applications

Broaden the possibilities of what can be achieved with MapInfo by using it conjunction with the data conversion capabilities and format support of FME.

Access More Formats

Powered by FME technology, the Universal Translator in Mapinfo Professional gives you access to 9 non-native formats. Add a full FME license and gain the use of over 325 formats as well as FME's advanced data transformation tools that allow you to manipulate data's content and structure for more precise translation.

FME Desktop Free 60-Day Trial Access to:

  • 325+ formats
  • 400+ transformation tools
  • Thousands of coordinate systems

FME Supports:

  • Other GIS applications: ArcGIS, Smallworld
  • CAD applications: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • Web mapping applications: Google Maps Engine, ArcGIS Online, OpenStreetMap
  • Databases: Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, MS SQL Server
  • Cloud computing systems: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Socrata
  • and many more
Watch a demonstration of a MapInfo dataset being transformed for storage in PostGIS.

Efficient Workflow Authoring

Configure MapInfo workflows quickly in FME Desktop which features intuitive workflow authoring in a no-code, graphical interface. For greater efficiencies, save and reuse workspaces, easily adjusting transformation components to suit changing needs.

mapinfo example in workbench fme
An example of a MapInfo data transformation workspace in FME Workbench

About MapInfo Professional

MapInfo Professional is a leading desktop GIS and mapping application used to visualize relationships between data and geography and derive new information.

Which Option is Right for Me?

Universal Translator in MapInfo Professional

FME Desktop


Included in MapInfo Professional
Free Trial

Import Data into MapInfo Professional

Number of Formats

9 Formats
325+ Formats

Ability to create & edit FME Workspaces

Free Support from the FME User Community

Support from Safe Software

Automation Capabilities

Add or Remove Attribution

Coordinate System Reprojection

Perform Data Validation

Use 3rd party developed format plugins

Hundreds More Transformation Capabilities


Webinar: How to Enhance Data Transformation in MapInfo

Find out how to add powerful data transformation capabilities to your MapInfo workflows with FME. Discover how to perform flexible QA on your data and its geometries, and style your data exactly how it's needed. You'll also learn how to extend FME directly into MapInfo, and load or export data in 275+ formats including PDF, KML, and CSV.

Access Webinar's slides and workspaces