Access More Formats in MapInfo Professional

Broaden the possibilities of what can be achieved in MapInfo® by using it in conjunction with FME's leading data transformation technology.

Since 2002, Pitney Bowes has chosen FME technology to power both the Universal Translator and Open Universal Data functionality within MapInfo. A full FME license allows you to explore the potential of this tight integration by boosting the number of supported formats from 9 to over 325 and granting you access to FME's advanced data transformation capabilities.

Bring non-native data into the MapInfo environment, and share MapInfo data for use in other applications to improve data accessibility throughout your organization.

Use FME to:

  • Easily access over 325 GIS, CAD, database, raster, vector, 3D, point cloud, XML and non-spatial formats
  • Non-destructively transform outside data for use within your familiar MapInfo environment
  • Share your MapInfo data for use by others in their preferred application

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