Quickly Convert Data Into KML for Display in Google Maps and Earth

Communicate a broader range of your data in visually compelling Google Maps and Earth spatial dashboards using FME’s KML conversion capabilities.

Convert nearly any data type - vector, raster, 3D, and more - to KML (Google Maps/Google Earth) in one step.

Take advantage of the enhanced graphics, widely accessible platform, and dynamic display capabilities of Google Maps and Earth.

Demo: Display live updates of spatial data on Google Maps.

Demo: Use FME Server to stream KML to Google Maps.

Use FME to:

  • Create mashups and use these spatial dashboards to display almost any data with support for 325+ formats and powerful integration tools
  • Manipulate various display elements of your data points including colours and shapes using the KML styling transformer
  • Jazz up your data display with pop-ups, charts, dynamic tours, dynamic content, attribution, triggers, links to live feeds, and more
  • Use FME Server to automatically stream data in real-time to either Google offering