More Format Choices and Data Transformation Capabilities for Bentley Map

Today, FME® is the dominant technology for spatial data transformation, supporting and extending the spatial applications of leading vendors like Bentley. Out of the box, Bentley Map and FME are tightly integrated, and adding the full power of an FME license opens up a world of spatial data transformation possibilities. By simply using FME in conjunction with Bentley Map, you gain:

  • Instant, seamless access to data in over 325 native and non-native GIS, CAD, database, spatial, and non-spatial formats - inside your familiar Bentley Map environment
  • The ability to non-destructively transform - restructure, reformat, and reproject - outside data on the fly, as it is brought in to Bentley Map
  • An intuitive graphical interface for complete control over your transformation tasks
  • Flexible and reusable workflow automation

Achieve total spatial data mastery with FME and Bentley Map.