Transform DWG Data to Extend the Capabilities of AutoCAD

Extend the possibilities of what can be achieved with Autodesk’s AutoCAD® using FME’s leading spatial data transformation technology.

FME supports over 325 formats - including AutoCAD DWG, GIS, database, and other CAD formats - and has transformer tools specifically designed to migrate data to CAD systems like AutoCAD.

Increase the accessibility of AutoCAD creations by quickly and easily transforming them into a format and structure suitable for use in a variety of applications. Conversely, enrich your designs by bringing non-native data into your familiar AutoCAD environment.

Use FME to:

  • Migrate disparate CAD data formats between AutoCAD and other CAD applications
  • Use CAD designs within the more analytical environment of a GIS, alternatively bring GIS data into AutoCAD
  • Transform AutoCAD data into a suitable format for storage
  • Accurately reproject coordinate systems between AutoCAD and other CAD and GIS applications
  • Extract and retain all of the information held in DWG files including attributes, block information, colours and more as you move them into your target system

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