Technology Partner

Developer Partner

Extend your proprietary application

Leverage FME's developer tools to import/export data from hundreds of sources to/from your application, plus power additional capabilities including data validation and data transformation.

Develop new FME technology

If you have a specific functionality you need added to FME, use our developer tools. Common use cases include: creating a plug-in to read or write a new format, or building a custom transformer. Note: As an approved Developer Partner, you may be eligible for free development licenses, training, development support, and more to help get the job done.

Localization Partner

Localize FME in another language

Unlock new markets by translating our FME applications and documentation into another language. We provide access to a Localization Kit as well as free licenses and support. You retain the intellectual rights to your translation and can license, price, and distribute your translation as you see fit. [Note: we do not guarantee exclusivity on any language and do not directly compensate for translation work.]