The FME Store Program

Share Your FME Achievements

The FME Store was recently introduced as one of Safe's Support Resources and we want your help building its inventory. Showcase your Custom Transformers, Workspace Templates and Custom Formats in the FME Store and add value to your FME development work while increasing the size of your audience.

Gain Value From Your FME Investment

You've invested significant resources into developing components that expedite your data transformation processes as they pertain to your business. These specialized FME components may be useful to other FME users in giving them a head start on their own similar data transformation projects. Share or license your unique components to these users directly through the FME workbench and gain value from your FME investment.

Increase the Size of Your Audience

You have specialized software that complements and could be integrated into the FME platform to open its functionality to all the FME formats and capabilities. Broaden the reach of your audience to include the FME user community by making your specialized software components available through the FME Store.

If you have developed FME components that you believe would be useful to other users contact us to discuss listing it in the FME Store.