Consultant Partner Program

As a consultant or systems integrator, your job is to provide your clients with solutions to their challenges that can be implemented efficiently and easily maintained. As Safe we believe FME’s data integration capabilities are a powerful asset in achieving these objectives. Rather than compete with you for consulting work, we want to train you to use the FME toolset to provide your clients with effective solutions.

Safe is pleased to offer consultants several tools, free of charge, so that they are able to use FME to provide enhanced solutions to their clients’ challenges. These include:

  • Complimentary FME licenses to be used for demos, training, proof of concepts, or prototypes
  • Complimentary training to provide you with the skills to use FME effectively
  • Access to Safe Software’s support services and their expertise and experience for guidance on projects

Many consultants who have partnered with Safe found that it provided their organization with a competitive advantage when bidding on contracts by enabling them to solve their clients’ data problems more efficiently. Additionally, many consultants who work with FME have found that the skills give them credibility and add value to their individual worth within their company.

Signing up to receive these benefits is a simple process with no legal hurdles or contracts to sign.
If you’d like to learn more about partnering with Safe please email us briefly describing your company and its current projects and indicate how familiar you are with FME.