The FME Grant Program

Just because your software budget is small - or non-existent - doesn't mean you have to live with those nagging data interoperability headaches. The FME Grant Program is designed to help worthy individuals and organizations master their spatial data, by providing free FME licenses.

"Am I eligible?" is probably your first question. In general, you're eligible if you fall within three groups:

  • Unfunded researchers (including Masters and PhD students)
  • Non-profit organizations conducting research
  • Educational institutions who intend to use FME strictly for educational purposes

If you are unsure whether or not you qualify, simply contact us and we'll let you know.

"What do I receive?" is a sensible next question, and the answer is quite a lot! If you're eligible you'll receive not only free FME licenses, but also free technical support for installation issues, steep discounts on our training courses, and more.

"How can I find out more?" is another great question. To learn more - including how to apply - please select one of two options below: