Training Resource Center

Course: FME and KML (Advanced FME Desktop)

Welcome to the FME and KML Training Resource Center. Here you will find your class materials, connection information for Online courses, and other resources that you may find helpful both before and after your class.


Training Manual - Download your manual prior to your class (PDF)

Tutorial - The tutorial contains extra exercises you may work through after your class or as suggested by your instructor (PDF).

Sample Data

If you need the sample dataset for all FME Desktop training materials, download it here - Full Dataset (~287MB). *You do not need to download the sample data unless your instructor tells you to (for example, if you cannot connect to your virtual classroom).*

Connecting to Online Classes

There are two parts to an Online class - your instructor will be presenting the class via GoToWebinar, and you will be using Windows Remote Desktop to access a virtual computer that is configured with all of the software and data you will need to follow along.


Registration and login information will be emailed to you a day or two prior to your class. You need to follow the link provided, and register yourself for the class. GoToWebinar rarely causes technical issues.

Amazon/Remote Desktop

Amazon/Remote Desktop is used for your own personal work within the class. Heads Up - you may have problems using Remote Desktop if your network is highly secured, or if you work at a government office or institution. Please test your connection as soon as you receive your login credentials (a day or two before your class). Even better, check with your IT department as soon as possible for known Remote Desktop issues. Specific tests and troubleshooting tips will be included in your pre-class emails.

Please test to confirm that your network can connect to an Amazon EC2 instance using Remote Desktop. To test this, please download and open the file using Remote Desktop. You should see:

There is no need to enter a password - simply seeing the screen to the left indicates Remote Desktop will work. If you cannot connect using Remote Desktop, please check the following document:

If you run into any problems, please contact

TIP: Get the most out your online class experience by using a dual monitor setup - one screen for your work, and one screen to watch the instructor or refer to the Training Manual.

Also - if you cannot connect to the Amazon machine, you can use your own computer, provided you have a licensed copy of the relevant version of FME, and download the Sample Data.