FME 2013

FME 2013: Explore the Next Frontier of
Data Interoperability

FME 2013 features enhancements and new additions to the FME Platform - the technology powering FME Desktop and FME Server. This version of FME pushes data into new territory with support for more than 325 formats, new and revamped transformation capabilities, greater support for visually informative point cloud and 3D data, and many more features that help you boldly take your data where it hasn’t gone before. Also take it there faster with performance improvements that speed things up and allow you to complete tasks more quickly.

FME Desktop 2013

FME Workbench, the graphical user interface to FME’s transformation tools, has received usability updates which allow you to transform data even more efficiently. Navigate tools and functions more easily for speedy setup of your workflows.

FME Server 2013

Automated data access and distribution is now more easily configured and capable of reaching a broader network of data users and contributors with new capabilities and features that are included with FME Server 2013. Along with usability enhancements, this version introduces FME Server Notification Service which enables you to take data from anywhere and deliver it to anyone, exactly how and when it’s needed.

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