FME - Solve Your Data Challenges Quickly and Easily

Transform Spatial Data to Use and Share with FME 2012

FME offers unmatched transformation capabilities and support for over 275 spatial and non-spatial formats to enable users to quickly transform spatial data so it can be used and shared - when where and how it's needed.

FME Desktop 2012

Access spatial data in the precise way you need it. FME Desktop enables you to convert, transform, and integrate spatial and non-spatial data to cut through repetitive conversion processes.

Top 3 Ways to Learn More about FME Desktop 2012:

  1. View a 12-minute video overview of FME Desktop
  2. Attend an FME Desktop Overview Webinar
  3. Download a FREE 14-day trial of FME Desktop

FME Server 2012

Share up-to-date data exactly where, when, and how people need it. Designed to handle large data volumes, FME Server helps organizations more efficiently exchange data across the widest range of formats.

Top 3 Ways to Learn More about FME Server 2012:

  1. View a 6-minute video overview of FME Server
  2. Attend an FME Server Overview Webinar
  3. Access an interactive demo implementation

Choose FME, the leading solution for spatial data transformation

Work with confidence. FME is used by hundreds of thousands of customers across a wide range of industries worldwide. FME also powers the solutions of more leading spatial data application and database vendors than any other technology. Here's what some of our customers have had to say:

“FME has been one of the cornerstones of our GIS operations for several years. It has allowed us to streamline our data conversion process while reducing costs.”
- Jason Birch
“Using FME, we've been able to integrate local datasets much more efficiently and reduced the hours per individual provider by 90%.”
- Michael Leierer
“By implementing FME, we can now complete a task in just a few minutes that otherwise may have taken over a week to accomplish.”
- Clay Wise