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Opening Remarks from Safe's Co-Founders Don Murray & Dale Lutz

8:30 AM

The 2014 FME International User Conference kicks off with opening remarks from the company's co-founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz who take a look back at the highlights of Safe Software's 20 years in business.

Esri Keynote from Senior ArcGIS Product Manager Ismael Chivite

9:30 AM

Senior ArcGIS Product Manager at Esri, Ismael Chivite, discusses Esri's flagship product, ArcGIS, and the role that spatial information is playing in how organizations around the world make critical decisions.

Boundless Keynote at the FME User Conference 2014

10:00 AM

Paul Ramsey, Geospatial Architect for Boundless

User Story Highlights from the FME World Tour 2014

10:45 AM

A whirlwind trip through some of the best FME user stories from the FME World Tour 2014, selected and brought to you by Safe's own FME experts.

Pushing the Boundaries with FME

1:00 PM

Safe's experts demonstrate innovative ways of applying FME to data challenges, discussing new features, topics like web services and mobile apps, and wrapping up with a description of an emergency response scenario assisted by the use of FME Cloud.

Automatic Updating of Geographical Git Repositories with FME

2:45 PM

Safe Software's Ken Bragg discusses a project that uses FME and Git to create an open data repository of GeoJSON files on Github that also serves as a collaborative mapping framework.

Crowdsourcing Through Gaming – FME and Minecraft

3:05 PM

This session explores how through the use of FME, Minecraft© gamers can be used to crowd source spatial data for contribution to OpenStreetMap. By enabling FME and FME Server to transform and exchange Minecraft data amazing things can happen.

FME Cloud in Action

3:25 PM

A look at interesting ways FME Cloud can be used.

Day 1 Wrap-up, FME Doctors' Report & Some FME Fun

3:45 PM

A report from the FME Doctor's Office and a wrap-up of Day 1 at the FME User Conference.

The Future of Infrastructure Planning and Preliminary Engineering

9:00 AM

Robert Bray, Senior Software Architect at Autodesk provides some interesting insight into what to expect for the future of infrastructure planning in his Keynote presentation.

Dealing with the Data Deluge

9:30 AM

Bradley Skelton, Chief Technology Strategist for Geospatial Portfolio at Hexagon Geospatial, looks at the increasing amount and variety of data available that can be turned into actionable information.

Process Optimisation at the Ordnance Survey Great Britain

10:20 AM

The session discusses a case for best practice in FME Workspace design and process optimisation from Ornance Survey Great Britain . Presented by David Eagle of 1Spatial.

Beyond 49x Transformers: Don't be Afraid of (the) Python!

10:20 AM

Through demonstrations, this session gives a short introduction for the usage of Python scripts in FME Desktop processes.

FME Goes Nuclear - Part 2

10:20 AM

The use of FME Server to facilitate data access at a nuclear power plant.

XML Modelling of Flight Paths and Aeronautical Data

10:20 AM

This presentation will explore the use of FME to create XML-based transactional update messages for NAV CANADA's national aeronautical data management system.

Maximizing Location Accuracy for Reverse 911

10:20 AM

Exploring the challenge of making targeted emergency broadcasts (Reverse 911) to citizens who solely use mobile phones. FME was used to improve location accuracy in the geocoding process to achieve a hit rate in excess of 99.5%.

Mapping Brazil in Scale 1:250.000 - A Reality

10:55 AM

This session describes the BC250 project that generated a new digital map of the entire Brazilian territory in a 1:250.000 scale with the aid of orbital sensors, DEM and FME.

Visualization of Electricity Consumption

10:55 AM

This session discusses an electric company's use of FME to automatically process monthly consumption reports in Excel, merge the data with city district geometries, and visualize it with charts presented as PDFs based on different criteria.

Near Real-Time Ship Tracking with FME Server

10:55 AM

exactEarth describes its close work with Safe to allow the seamless integration of exactAIS global vessel data that is managed and processed through FME 2014.

Creating a Hydrological Network for the Yukon Territory

10:55 AM

This session describes how FME was used to create a hydrological network for the entire Yukon Territory in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

A Look at NRCan's Extensive Usage of FME in its Map Production System

11:30 AM

This presentation describes the infrastructure surrounding the use of FME within cartographic production processes at NRCan with respect to the validation, integration and dissemination of spatial data. Parts 1 and 2.

Using Python to Link ERDAS Imagine's Spatial Modeller and FME Desktop

11:30 AM

A presentation on how python can be used to combine the specialist image processing routines within ERDAS Imagine with the power of FME to enable the generation of intelligent business products from a multitude of data inputs.

Collecting FME Workspace Templates for Reading Geographic Data

11:30 AM

This project aims to create an FME Workspace Template Collection for reading the complex formats of fundamental geographic data that is available from the Japanese government via the web for public use.

An Examination of the Use of FME in a Danish Municipality

11:30 AM

An overview of how the use of FME has benefitted the Silkeborg Municipality of Denmark in various scenarios. The discussion includes specific examples and best practice tips.

Managing Spatial Data Remotely

11:30 AM

Time saving solutions for managing spatial data ETL processes remotely and tips for publishing workspaces to FME Server. Ways to take advantage of new capabilities available in FME 2014 are also discussed.

Quality Control in the Standardization of Spatial Data

12:05 PM

This presentation outlines the Bureau of Land Management National Operations Center's (NOC) use of FME to exercise quality control when standardizing spatial data collected from twelve different administrative state offices.

Bridging the Gap: Bringing Disparate Data Sources Together

12:05 PM

The GIS department at the San Jose Water Company uses FME technology to bring open source software and disparate data sources together to meet their needs as well as the needs of their sister company in Texas, without expending additional resources.

Writing Schema based GML with FME

12:05 PM

This talk covers the capabilities of the new schema based GML writer illustrated with examples of writing data to the INSPIRE application schemas. The second part covers developments made for the existing INSPIRE Solution Pack for FME.

The Enhanced Identification GIS Powered by FME

12:05 PM

In this presentation, GIS Analyst Randy Dalit demonstrates the customized FME tools used to create the BC Coroners Service's Enhanced Identification GIS, an automated model that assists with missing person investigations.

Rapid Product Prototyping In Ordnance Survey

1:35 PM

This presentation goes through a variety of products that have been created by Ordnance Survey's product development team over the last year and explains how FME has helped to deliver them.

Waveform LiDAR - More Than XYZ Point Clouds

1:35 PM

This session provides an overview of waveform technology in laserscanning and what it means for the point cloud as a product. The talk covers the point cloud attributes delivered by this technology and how they can be accessed in FME.

Real-Time Lightning Alerts from The Weather Network

1:35 PM

Mark Ireland, FME Evangelist, discusses a real-time lightning alert project from The Weather Network. The session outlines how FME Server is used to process lightning strike data from sensors and deliver real-time, location-specific safety alerts.

3D Clash Detection

1:35 PM

This presentation details how Arup has devised a technical FME workflow that lets engineers from different disciplines collaborate more effectively through a GIS centric 3D clash detection process.

Growing Pains - The Auckland Capacity for Growth Study

1:35 PM

This session describes how Auckland's Council used FME to generate a number of innovative spatial data modelling algorithms to measure vacant, redevelopment and infill capacity across residential, business and rural-residential land use designations.

Vegetation Management Prioritization in Power Distribution Companies

2:10 PM

How Sharper Shape uses FME to create and visualize mathematically optimized and logistically actionable vegetation management plans for power distribution companies using LiDAR scanning data to make business decisions.

FME Spatial Querying in a CAD-Driven GIS

2:10 PM

This session focuses on how one company used FME to save hundreds of hours in querying and analyzing GIS data stored in AutoCAD Map 3D and MS SQL Server.

Creating, Managing and Sharing 3D Cities with FME

2:10 PM

Recently there is a lot of hype around creating smart 3D virtual cities that is fueling the need for BIM, CAD and GIS integration capabilities. This presentation examines basic concepts of 3D data modeling. Topics include CityGML, IFC and LiDAR.

Analyzing Dynamic Objects in GPS Tracks and Utility Networks

2:10 PM

This presentation explores the use of FME to dynamically link objects over space and time through two real-world application examples.

Automated Quality Controls with FME

2:45 PM

This presentation shows how well FME works with ISO standards in quality control and how an FME Server validation service can be used to support data management in a data distribution workflow.

Problem Solving & Product Delivery with FME at Focus Corporation

2:45 PM

A session outlining some of the diverse ways Focus Corporation is using FME to address production and workflow issues that previously seemed difficult to solve with CAD or GIS software alone.

FME in Urban Information Modeling

2:45 PM

This presentation shows the use of FME technology in complex data model transformation tasks such as the creation of CityGML from diverse data inputs as well as transformation of data out of the CityGML format into industry standards.

FME Powers CKAN Open Data Portal

2:45 PM

CKAN, the world’s leading open-source data portal platform provides a way to easily find opendata. The City of Surrey has leveraged the power of FME Server and CKAN to deliver a unique open data portal.

Lightning Talks: Invoicing with Workbench – Generating Money with FME

3:35 PM

This session shows the new Excel-writer in action and demonstrates how non-spatial data can be leveraged using examples from day-to-day work in a consultant's life where hours are the main currency.

Lightning Talks: Where's the Terrorist?

3:45 PM

Embedding FME to create Layered PDF for Law Enforcement situational awareness in terrorist and active shooter situations.

Lightning Talks: Atom Feed for Distributing Data

3:55 PM

An Atom feed is an XML file with an index to news. This session discusses how this feed can be used to notify users of new data in a given area using FME to read the feed and fetch data based on criteria like date, area and format.

Lightning Talks: Generating Night Scenes with FME

4:05 PM

An overview of the benefits of using FME to generate global lightmap overlays for night scenes in aeronautic simulation.

Day 2 Wrap-up, FME World Cup of Data

4:15 PM

An update on the FME World Cup of Data and the final matches.

Google Keynote

9:10 AM

Adam Evans, Manager - Enterprise Geospatial at Google Canada, discusses Google's mapping platforms.

FME 2015 and Beyond

9:40 AM

A look at what's in store for FME 2015 and the future of FME. A Cloud-Based Platform to Check and Transform Geodata

10:45 AM

This session describes, a new platform that leverages FME Cloud technology to allow users to perform a large range of check and manipulation services online, remotely and without FME knowledge.

Automating Alignment Sheet Production

10:45 AM

This presentation discusses the challenges involved in automating alignment sheet production and the approach that Global Information Systems took to leverage FME, Geodatabase and Map 3D to achieve a consistent and reproducible result.

Using FME to Find Out What We Already Know

10:45 AM

This presentation describes how FME Desktop and Server were used by a consulting firm to efficiently build a GIS database to catalogue all the data they had in their possession for future use.

Christchurch: Helping Rebuild a City with FME

10:45 AM

This session outlines how the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team, the organization working to rebuild horizontal infrastructure after the devastating earthquakes that hit the region, are using FME to progress aspects of this project.

Using FME Server to Price and Deliver Custom Datasets

10:45 AM

This session focuses on FME Server's role in pricing and data delivery for an online, subscription-based service that supplies customized geographic datasets to the energy industry.

Publishing to Google Transit: Getting from A to B with FME

11:20 AM

A presentation focused on how Stadtwerke Münster, a public transit authority in Germany, used FME to efficiently transform timetables and bus route data into the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) used by Google Transit.

FME Server - In the Cloud and on the Ground!

11:20 AM

A look at how FME Server in the cloud was used by Sterling Geo to deliver a flexible and efficient solution for a time-sensitive inspection project in the energy sector. FME Cloud was integral in data management, billing and data delivery.

CAD Data Validation using FME

11:20 AM

A look at FME as a time and cost efficient solution for automating ongoing CAD drawing validation requirements as part of a robust CAD data management system.

FME and LabelEZ – When 1 + 1 = 3

11:20 AM

Focused on the use of the new LabelEZFactory to label cadastral maps on a daily basis where changes to the map are detected. The labels are stored in an Oracle database and used when distributing cadastral maps as GIS data.

CAD and GIS: Synchronizing AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise and ESRI ArcSDE

11:20 AM

This presentation describes how Sacramento Area Sewer District used FME as a solution for synchronizing assets created in AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise with their Esri ArcSDE GIS system.

Production of a Midscale Road Reference Network with FME

11:55 AM

This session describes the use of FME in the production of a midscale road reference network starting from two different road network data sources, including the task of linear referencing attributes.

Large Scale Deployment of FME in a Telecommunications Company

11:55 AM

This session presents the complete process of deploying FME for over 200 users at a large US telecommunications company including implementation considerations, reasons for choosing FME, and plans for future enhancements.

System Migration Made Easy with FME

11:55 AM

A real life example of using FME every step of the way to migrate from one infrastructure management system to another. Topics include data mapping, data preparation, data transfer and validation.

Geodetic Survey Process Management for GeoArchive Using FME

1:25 PM

This presentation describes GeoArchive, a survey data management system based on a PostGIS/PostgreSQL database, and how FME is used to upload, validate and download geodetic survey information for it.

Effective Esri Geometric Network Tracing with FME

1:25 PM

A look into the use of FME technology to mimic traces on Esri's geometric networks with efficiency and transparency, just by using the spatial coincidence of features.

Effective Spatial ETL between CAD and Oracle Databases

1:25 PM

This session explores how FME technology as a spatial ETL solution. Specifically how it can be used to extract geometry from a CAD database, then transform and load it into an APDM Oracle Spatial system, validating the geometry along the way.

Building Focused Apps Based on FME Server Functionality

1:25 PM

This session takes a look at how to integrate the power of FME Server seamlessly into focused, user-friendly apps and web based spatial applications based on con terra's map.apps technology.

Dynamic Flood Calculations with FME

1:25 PM

When performing fully dynamic 1D + 2D flood calculation, digital terrain models and result processing is essential. This presentation describes how FME can be used to manipulate digital terrain models and postprocess flood results.

Field to Finish Using FME

2:00 PM

This presentation shows how FME can be used to convert field survey data from Trimble devices and GIS technology into AutoCAD DWG, ArcGIS SHP, and other applications.

Managing Data Synchronization Between ArcSDE and POSTGIS using FME

2:00 PM

This presentation focuses on the many ways FME can be used to manage transactional changes and keep PostGIS and ArcSDE databases in sync.

Constructing a Federated Data Distribution Service for Universities

2:00 PM

This presentation contains a technical overview of the GET application that enables students and staff at all Swedish universities to download selected areas of basemaps from Lantmäteriet - the Swedish Land Survey.

Lightning Talk: 3D Print & FME

2:00 PM

This talk takes a look at the City of Malmö, Sweden's use of FME to prepare data for 3D printing.

Lightning Talk: GTF - A Software Tool for Supervising and Scheduling the FME Process

2:00 PM

This talk shows an overview of Veremes' GTF tool for supervising and scheduling the FME Process.

BIM - Revit and FME for Enterprise Data Management

2:00 PM

This session illustrates the use of FME and Revit to create data management workflows for AEC firms. Topics include user driven reports, BIM validation workflows, data extraction and collection routines, Revit to GIS workflows, more.

Enabling a Campus-Wide, Seamless Geodatabase from CAD Drawings

2:35 PM

Many facilities managers want to use GIS applications with CAD floorplan drawings. This session focuses on a solution Vertex3 has been developing to automate data synchronization between CAD and GIS systems for several university campuses.

A Dynamic and Valuable Duo - ArcGIS Online and FME

2:35 PM

With FME 2013 Safe started making use of ArcGIS Online services and ready-to-use basemaps in its products. This presentation examines how ArcGIS Online Services can be used within FME Workbench by using the ArcGIS REST API.

Roads? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

2:35 PM

This presentation demonstrates how FME was used to remove road allowances from the Western Canadian Dominion Land Survey System, closing the gap between almost 10,000,000 polygons spanning over 1.5 million square kilometers

Implementing the ChangeDetector Transformer

2:35 PM

This session demonstrates how FME's ChangeDetector was used to update changes to a spatial data compilation on a weekly basis without a large expenditure of time.

Lightning Talk: Food Truck Notification Service

2:35 PM

This Lightning talk describes an interesting use case for the notification service of FME Server. Food trucks that deliver fresh meals to business districts drive the same routes every day but arrive at their defined stops at different times. By sending the trucks GPS position to FME Sever via a mobile phone, notifications can be send to all subscribers of a pre-defined FME Server service once the truck enters a specific area. The notification message includes the daily menu information or special offerings of the food truck.

Lightning Talk: Extending FME Server to Manage Dependent Workflows

2:35 PM

In many implementations of FME Server the workflow consists of processing that is independent.    The queue manages the incoming requests under the assumption that no two request and therefore no tow processes are dependent.  This allows for the efficient allocation of jobs to the engines.   This talk will discuss how FME Server was extended to manage pools of dependent processes where downstream pools are dependent on upstream pools having completed.    Through the correct use of metadata, job submitters and auditing triggers the resulting extension supported interdependent process requests extremely efficiently .

Q & A, FME Doctors' Report and Conference Wrap Up

3:20 PM

The final FME Doctors' Report and the FME User Conference wrap up.

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