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See why FME is the leading technology for solving data interoperability problems

With the most extensive format support available and unlimited flexibility to solve your data interoperability headaches, FME® helps you master both spatial and non-spatial data. This lets you get away from manual, time-consuming conversions and get into more automatic, efficient, hassle-free data transformation. Our FME technology platform powers our FME Desktop and FME Server software and the solutions of more leading spatial data application vendors than any other technology.

Start mastering your spatial data today with:

FME Desktop

Tame your data with the most powerful data conversion tool available. FME Desktop lets you convert, transform, and integrate both spatial and non-spatial data precisely the way you need it.

Get started by downloading it directly or having one of our experts walk you through it.

FME Server

Meet ever-increasing demands for spatial data access. FME Server helps organizations efficiently transform and share large data volumes exactly where, when, and how people need them.

Explore our live online implementation of FME Server or take a tour with an expert guide.

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