Data Validation and Data Quality Assurance

Key Capabilities

> Data Validation

Verify the Reliability and Effectiveness of Data

Data quality assurance (DQA) processes verify its ability to serve its purpose by assessing whether it's complete, accurate, and consistent. FME has DQA tools to run data validation tests against set specifications. FME checks for missing values, duplicates, invalid entries, nulls, and more, then delivers a report outlining what issues exist and where.

Validate data from 325+ supported formats across many data types including GIS, CAD, database, tabular, cloud and more.

Data Cleaning and Repair

In cases where problems are identified FME is a powerful data cleaning tool. Through its transformation capabilities, it repairs and filters out bad data to produce quality datasets.

Case Study: Improving Productivity with a Web-Based CAD Validation System

Maintain High Quality Central Repositories

For even greater efficiencies, employ FME’s data validation and data cleaning capabilities prior to loading into central databases to ensure datasets contain accurate, complete and consistent entries. This validation step can also be implemented in automated FME Server and FME Cloud data centralization workflows to determine if data meets specifications before it is contributed.

Data Validation and Data Migration

When transferring data between storage systems or applications, mitigate the risks to data quality using FME data validation steps in your ETL workflows.
Learn more about FME's data migration capabilities.

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