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What is Data Transformation?

Often times, moving data between different formats and applications involves more than a straight format translation. There can be more complex components to your datasets that may not fit the requirements of the destination system. Things like its model, contents, descriptive elements, and coordinate system may need to be adjusted in order to preserve key aspects of the data and load it seamlessly into the target application. This is known as data transformation and it is one of FME's core capabilities.

Precise Transformation with FME

Efficiently manipulate intricate components of datasets to suit the requirements of any data model or application using FME's technology. Its hundreds of advanced data transformation tools allow you to accomplish complex data reconfiguration tasks including:

  • data remodeling and schema mapping
  • content manipulation
  • reprojection between thousands of coordinate reference systems
  • geometry restructuring between CAD and GIS
  • and much more
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Increase Productivity

FME Desktop's no-code graphical interface and easy-to-configure tools allow you to set up transformation workflows quickly. Furthermore, FME workspaces are flexible and reusable so they can be saved then easily adjusted and applied to new transformation scenarios. A single software solution that saves you hours and in some cases days of time, FME is an investment that improves productivity and saves money.

Integrate Disparate Datasets

Transformation with FME enables you to combine completely different datasets to use together in a single application for enhanced analysis.
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