Integrate Disparate Data to Use in Your Preferred Systems

Realize the individual benefits of disparate datasets in a single application using FME’s data integration capabilities. Through data conversion and transformation, easily combine disparate data into a unified format and structure to use as you desire and take advantage of all the data at your disposal.

FME’s supports over 325 formats including those for many commonly used database solutions. Efficiently integrate data from different areas of your organization into a single central system for access by anyone. FME Server can further streamline data centralization with its enhanced automation and ability to create self-serve processes.

Use FME to:

  • Access over 325 spatial and non-spatial data types including CAD, GIS, database, 3D, XML and more to create highly informative data mashups
  • Centralize all of your organization’s data from different departments in a single database for broader accessibility
  • Take advantage of the synergy of using multiple disparate datasets together in a single application

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