Data Integration

Key Capabilities

> Data Integration

Combine Data from Different Sources

Realize the individual benefits of disparate datasets in a single application through data integration. With FME’s support for over 325 formats and advanced transformation tools, you can intricately combine data from multiple sources into a unified structure to use in a single system.

Transform, Integrate and Explore Possibilities

With support for formats across GIS, CAD, raster, database, tabular, cloud, XML, and more, there are endless possibilities for data integration and enhanced analysis. For example:

  • adding location to analytics
  • create 3D mashups from GIS, BIM, point cloud and raster datasets
  • data integration for centralization
  • and so much more

Increase Productivity

The use of FME Desktop bolsters efficiency for data integration tasks. Quickly configure workflows in its graphical interface without any tedious coding. Save FME workspaces for future use as components are easily adjusted to suit changing requirements. These step-saving features cut hours, sometimes days of repeated, menial tasks allowing you and your co-workers to accomplish more with your time.

Improve Decision Making

Data transformation and data integration with FME gives colleagues the opportunity to share data with each other to use in their preferred applications. Community access to data to combine and use as desired improves decision making for everyone.
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