Data Sharing and Data Distribution

Key Capabilities

> Data Sharing

Share Data with Colleagues

Different groups within an organization often use different applications to collect and derive data which can create potentially harmful information silos. Eliminate these silos using the data sharing capabilities of FME. Through its core data conversion, transformation and integration platform, FME gives you the ability to manipulate and combine datasets for use in almost any system.

Automated Data Distribution

Central data repositories are a good means of ensuring everyone has access to the data the require, and FME technology ensures they get access to that data in the right format and structure for their preferred application. The addition of an FME Server or FME Cloud license streamlines data distribution from central databases with automated workflows that transform and deliver data to suit the end-user’s specific needs.

Preserve Data Quality

Maintain quality during data sharing and data distribution processes. FME's transformation workflows are configured independently of the original data and manual interference is minimal, reducing the risk of introducing human error. FME can also test a dataset's fitness to serve its intended purpose with data validation workflows.
Learn more about FME's data validation and data quality assurance capabilities

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