Data Conversion

Key Capabilities

> Data Conversion

Quickly Convert Data Between FME’s 325+ Supported Formats

Incompatible data formats are a major barrier to moving data between applications. FME's data conversion tools give you the power to efficiently translate between hundreds of formats and use data in any software solution.

Translate, Use and Share Data

Efficiently convert data using FME's readers and writers for formats across many data types including:

Save Time and Money

Data conversion is a painless process with FME Desktop's no-code, graphical approach. Effortlessly import external data into your preferred application or share data with colleagues to use however they need. FME's workflows translate data more quickly and are more flexible than coding - saving you hours, if not days of time - which can equal significant cost savings.

Beyond Straight Data Conversion

FME allows you to manipulate the content and structure of a dataset to suit any application’s requirements while preserving the integrity of the original data.
Learn more about FME's data transformation capabilities.

Common Data Conversion Workflows

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