Devon Energy, Wildlife Monitoring

Devon Energy has taken a proactive approach to wildfires, using FME to compile data sources to track and respond to wildfire threats in their communities.

The team used FME Server to mash up several disparate data sources and services including ArcGIS, KML, and CSV, during a crisis event to monitor wildfire locations and advancements that were posing a significant risk to critical infrastructure for their field operations.

The results help their emergency response and executive teams make better and more informed decisions to minimize the destructive effects annual wildfires have on their community.

Devon Energy is one of the largest independent natural gas and oil producers headquartered in the United States, specializing in onshore exploration and production in North America.

“By coalescing these disparate datasets and services, we were able to supply critical and timely information to Devon staff, both in the field and in the office.” -- Mark Giesbrecht, Devon Energy