Devon Energy, Field Operations

Devon Energy needed to create a near real-time field Operations Dashboard in ArcGIS for their Decisions Support Center and Dispatchers.

They used FME to create workflows that make it possible to visualize, map, and trend the data in their field operations tickets system, Field Logistics Application (FLA). Devon uses FME Server to pull, process, and write FLA trucking Logistics data to their Enterprise SDE Geodatabase in Near Real-Time using RESTful web services. The data is then consumed by different groups of people throughout their business.

Devon can now better optimize work efforts, identifying critical jobs and ensuring they’re looked at first. The ability to see the location of facilities requiring work, the location of personnel, and the last known location of vendor trucks will result in efficiencies and cost savings due to lower servicing costs identified through spatial analysis.

Devon Energy is one of the largest independent natural gas and oil producers headquartered in the United States, specializing in onshore exploration and production in North America.

“We were able to build out a solution that interfaced with our enterprise operations - without writing a single line of code.” -- Mark Giesbrecht, Devon Energy